D.S. Jones Goes Back to the Future!

Complete With Mr. Fusion!
Working Flux Capacitor

Classic Noir: The Two Jakes

Jack Nicholson stuns in this sensational follow up to Chinatown. Directed and Staring Nicholson this film features great performers like Harvey Keitel. A must watch film on its own or in conjunction with Chinatown.

Classic Noir: Farewell My Lovely

Robert Mitchum is all man. This classic features an amazing supporting cast that includes a young Sylvester Stallone. Highly recommended for all classic cinema buffs, or fans of Raymond Chandler’s work. A great Adaptation!

Best Of Youtube: Minty Comedic Arts

A funny channel that explores the history and making of many cult and classic movies. A MUST watch for any child born in the 1980s.

This is the first post of many where I will be featuring some of the best channels on Youtube.

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