Best Of Youtube: LGR

LGR is another great retrotech themed Youtube channel that offers interesting reviews and retrospectives. Covering a wide array of technologies, old and new, LGR brings interesting content on a regular basis. Highly recommended for all anyone still drooling over the latest IBM compatible machine!

pour down the poison

by D.S Jones

The editors can wait

The women can wait

The world can wait

Fury took a good punch in the twelfth round only to 

Get a draw

The blood can wait

The sheets can wait

The heart can wait

The passion can wait

The blood can wait

Nothing in a spinning room 

Feels real except for more death

More heartache 

All that matters now is the dying

One gulp at a time

Swallowing the poison

Like a thousand 

Porcelain drains

Poems by D.S. Jones are available to read in Painting Lines On The Highway To Hell. Available now exclusively for Kindle. 

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