Best Of Youtube: LGR

LGR is another great retrotech themed Youtube channel that offers interesting reviews and retrospectives. Covering a wide array of technologies, old and new, LGR brings interesting content on a regular basis. Highly recommended for all anyone still drooling over the latest IBM compatible machine!

Volkswagen Project Part 1: Ragged Glory

Day One …

2004 Jetta TDI Before
Front of Car
Side View
Damaged Windscreen
Fault Codes

Process …

Initial Cleaning Complete
Headlight Restoration Began
Headlights Restored
Windscreen Replaced
Filthy Interior
Interior Cleaned

One Week Later …

To Be Continued …

pour down the poison

by D.S Jones

The editors can wait

The women can wait

The world can wait

Fury took a good punch in the twelfth round only to 

Get a draw

The blood can wait

The sheets can wait

The heart can wait

The passion can wait

The blood can wait

Nothing in a spinning room 

Feels real except for more death

More heartache 

All that matters now is the dying

One gulp at a time

Swallowing the poison

Like a thousand 

Porcelain drains

Poems by D.S. Jones are available to read in Painting Lines On The Highway To Hell. Available now exclusively for Kindle. 

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