Published stories, poems, and interviews by D.S. Jones

Bloody Rose, Camel Saloon, May 2011

Holiday, Camel Saloon, May 2011

Street Poet, Danse Macabre, June 2011

Because It Is Filthy, Black Heart Magazine’s Noir Issue, June 2011

Soldier’s Pay, Bare Back Magazine, July 2011

Downbound Train, Told You So Anthology, August 2011

Too Many Questions, Daily Flash 2012: 366 Days of Flash Fiction, November 2011

Some Things Never Change, Bare Back Magazine, December 2011

Quick Turnaround, Shotgun Honey, February 2012

Girl On The Highway, Phantom Kangaroo, April 2012

It All Started In 1963, Danse Macabre, April 2012

Tonight A New Town, Decades Review, July 2012

Snuff Film, Shotgun Honey, August 2012

D.S. Jones Interviews Laura Roberts, Decades Review, September 2012

Mercury, Bare Back Magazine, November 2012

D.S. Jones Interviews Josh Hess, Decades Review, December 2012

A Little Scotch Will Help, Yellow Mama, December 2012

Arctic Incident, Postcard Shorts, April, 2013

Jack & Diane, Decades Review, May 2013

Vincent Giordano Sings, Shotgun Honey, July 2013

These Boxes Are For Burial, Poets Against War, August 2013

Crossing Muddy Waters, Postcard Shorts, December 2013

A Book That Changed My Life, The Drunken Odyssey, February 2014

Beacon, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, February 2014

Home, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, February 2014

Unforgettable Love, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, February 2014

Travelogue, Yellow Mama, June 2014

Paper Thin, Work Literary Magazine, June 2014

Work, Work Literary Magazine, January 2017

Painting Lines on the Highway to Hell,, December 2018

Midnight or Later,, November 2019

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